Hello Colonistas

Welcome to the first post on the colony blog. For now it is public but another can be set up for the board to be private. For the public blog, we will need to have ‘authors/users’ for the posts who are allowed to make posts. Everyone else can just sign up to make comments.

If, so desired, a private blog can be set up for the board members for discussions to be kept private from the public.

SO, please look around to see how we might utilize this kind of web communication. If any colony members are familiar with blogs or Word Press, let me know


About msartcol

Founded in 1948, According to the Smithsonian, the oldest artist-run art colony in the US. Members meet twice a year at a camp outside Utica, MS.
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9 Responses to Hello Colonistas

  1. bevdennis says:

    Looks good. Thanks for this, Cheryl. Looking forward to Colony this spring. I think I have forgotten how to paint! 😦

  2. bevdennis says:

    I know…. did I ever know? 🙂

  3. patdart says:

    I’m having a look. Looks good to me so far, girls! I had to establish a membership and it wanted me to start a blog, but I did register…

    • msartcol says:

      Way to go, Pat. I figured that they would ask you to register, but that you would not have to do anything but that. So now I know what to tell everyone else in the membership.

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